Ditching the scale for a healthy lifestyle

by | Mar 25, 2019 | Healthy eating, Weight management

“I need to lose weight.”

Does this statement pop into your mind several times a day? Do you make deals with yourself that start with “Once I _________, I will _________?”

What would you say if I told you that you enjoy having this problem? I think you would look at me incredulously and say that is preposterous, and that you have been trying to lose the weight for X amount of time and the number on the scale is just not moving.

When people talk to me about their weight struggles, I often hear:

“For years, I could eat whatever I wanted and now I can’t.”

“I go on a diet, lose a few pounds and can’t keep the weight off…it creeps back.”

“I am researching all the diets to see what will work.”


Are you committed to making a change?


Before joining any weight loss program, ask yourself: are you committed to making a change? Or are you joining programs but not doing the work? Are you continuously switching diets to match the “success” stories that people are telling you, and feeling like you are doing it all according to the plan but achieving none of the results you desire?

I empathize when people tell me they are starting a new diet and this IS the one. I know the feelings of wanting to lose weight. Last year, I went through a terrifying time in my life as a mom. Eating became what I did to soothe myself and fuel my body to deal with the next issue thrown our way. As I continued to gain weight, I told myself not to worry because it was not important considering everything else going on. I was hiding and ignoring my health. The truth was, my weight and body had been changing the few months before the trauma, but once I was in this vortex of survival, I just ate without paying much attention.


What are the real reasons you are not losing weight?


When thinking about losing weight, consider the following:

  • Reflect on the true problems behind your excuses to not lose weight.
  • Create your definition of health. Is it a number on the scale? Is it how you feel?

When I am feeling down about my weight or my confidence, I think about the 2018 movie, I Feel Pretty, starring Amy Schumer. It illustrates how our, “Once I achieve_____; then I will______” mindset. This mindset can hold you back from living a fearless, happy life. Your current weight is not what is holding you back; instead what is holding you back is your insecurity and comparison of what you “think” needs to happen.

Keeping yourself on the diet treadmill or a “yoyo” diet cycle is being short sited on a truly healthy lifestyle. By focusing on your weight as the roadblock to doing the second part of the sentence, “I will________” you are only increasing your body shame, anxiety, and depression.


Ditch the scale and take a leap for your health with these simple tips for an everyday healthy lifestyle:


  • Learn about your patterns and food choices.
  • Organize your kitchen to maximize success and master the flow of creating healthy food choices.
  • Enhance the flavour of your foods so that you are not “dieting” but eating better than you ever have before and enjoying your meals.
  • Adapt recipes to your particular needs with ease. Never abandon a favourite recipe again because of a “diet.”
  • Create plans that work for all types of situations: the busy work week, the travel schedule, the meal prep week, and the craving homecooked meals week.
  • Be consistent and commit to a healthy lifestyle.
  • Ditch the excuses!
  • Break up with the social media cycle of perpetual FOMO and why not me? Why is it not working?

I can teach you to feel more confident in your ability to eat well and how to reduce your anxiety around living a healthy lifestyle. I work with busy professionals and families who are looking for ways to integrate healthy and nutritional balanced meals that are supportive of their dietary restrictions, in a way that is easy and fun. To learn more, book a free 15-minute consultation. You can ask questions and discuss whether nutritional coaching is right for you. Book a time that works for your schedule by clicking here.


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