Your genetics holds the key to what you should eat to feel your best.

Unlock it with Nutrigenomix

Find your perfect diet and personalized meal plan.

No more dieting. Ever. 

Your body is unique. So are your dietary needs.

Are you:

  • Looking for relief from your IBS and stomach symptoms?
  • Feeling overwhelmed with the huge amount of information about what you should and shouldn’t be eating?
  • Tired of investing in diet solution after diet solution with no real success?
  • Ready to stop being preoccupied with food so you can get on with your life?

Registered dietitian Keren Reiser is here to help.

You can’t change your DNA.
You can change how you’re eating.

Your genetics affect everything from your hair colour and eye colour to your likelihood of certain food intolerances, nutrient needs, eating habits, weight management and body composition. 

Just like your DNA, your nutritional needs are unique.

Different versions of genes affect how you react to certain components in food. The way your body digests lactose, gluten, or caffeine is different from your friends and family. Your perfect diet or meal plan is directed by your genes. That means a one-size-fits-all approach to eating isn’t going to work for you.

Finding out how to work with your DNA instead of fighting against it is the key to:

Long term weight

and body management

Food intolerances and sensitivities

Managing your stress around food

How much have you invested in trying to figure out what you should eat to feel better?

  • Your time reading article after article and visiting specialist after specialist looking for answers?
  • Your health as you try different foods and dietary plans, hoping they don’t actually make your symptoms worse?
  • Your money on solutions that just don’t seem to work?
  • Results of a lab Food Sensitivity and Intolerance Report restricting almost all the foods that you enjoy?

The search for answers about what you should eat to feel better has probably included restrictive diets, food sensitivity analysis, and dietary supplements that haven’t actually worked for you.

Why are you gambling with your time, health, and money when science has the answer?

Nutrigenomics (DNA) is the scientific genetic study of how your body interacts with the nutrients you eat. Over the past decade, there has been new evidence of how your DNA (genetics) influences your nutritional status, which directly impacts your health, wellness and even fitness.

In other words, the answer you’ve been looking for may be in your DNA.

The medical science behind what you should be eating:

Testing your DNA doesn’t involve stark white medical offices with invasive machinery. In fact, you can do it from the comfort of your own home.

Getting your personalized genetic recommendation is as easy as:

Booking your free consultation to make sure genetic testing is right for you before investing in the full package.

Swabbing the inside of your cheek at home with a Nutrigenomix testing kit.

Stopping by the post office to send your DNA sample to the lab.

Yes that’s really it.

But a DNA test alone isn’t going to solve your nutrition, health or weight management problems.

Information is only as good as its interpretation.

That’s where I come in.

Once you have your test results, you’ll sit down with me so we can review them together and come up with a personalized recommendation on what you need to eat to feel your best.

After that, you’re not alone. I offer private and group program support, that includes private messaging and dedicated check-ins for education and accountability.

Learn to eat with confidence

With a Nutrigenomics DNA test, you can learn about:


  • Relief from your gas, bloating and other uncomfortable IBS symptoms.
  • What nutrients to focus on for your best health
  • Your unique nutritional needs based on your genetic makeup
  • Your body needs to empower you to make informed decisions about your health
  • To avoid searching for harmful diets.

As a registered dietitian, investigative nutrition is my speciality.

With nutrigenomics and a comprehensive nutritional assessment, I can help you:

  • Find the root cause of your health or weight management issues
  • Create a plan that is sustainable for your real life
  • Get the relief and knowledge you deserve
  • And never have to spend time or money on another diet!

Following your personalized nutrigenomics recommendations will help you look, feel, and perform your best.

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