Family Eating Bring People Closer.

Learn how to make healthy eating easy and stress-free with the right tools, get meals on the table in under 30 minutes and enjoy quality time with your loved ones while feeling good about nourishing your bodies.

Eating Together with Multiple Dietary Restrictions

You work all day to provide an income for your family to live. You run from one activity to another and often multi-task to get through the day.

Staring at your refrigerator at the end of long and busy day is daunting. Your mind starts to race with many questions:

  • Do I have ingredients for a meal?
  • Will there be leftovers after my effort?
  • Will everyone like this?
  • How many pots do I have to clean?
  • Do I have time?
  • What about me? I want to lose weight.

Many nights, those questions are simply too much to contemplate, so you end up at a fast-food drive thru or browsing through a meal delivery app on your phone.

Life lessons and family values are shared when families eat together. But as a parent you need support to make sharing a meal together happen.

With the right tools and resources, healthy eating as a family can be easy and free of angst.

Feel good in the knowledge that the meals your family eats are healthy and nourishing, so you can ditch the “healthy eating angst”.


Get easy healthy meals on the table in less than 30 minutes with at least 10 minutes to sit and be present as a family.

Learn how to meal plan, shop and cook so that you can redirect your focus to sharing quality time with your children around the meal table.

Why is this so important?

Because without healthy meal planning support and resources, you will miss out on sacred mealtime with your children, carry unnecessary guilt about the nutritional value of the meals you serve, and struggle to lose the weight you have been trying to drop.

Is It Possible to Have One Meal Plan with Multiple Diet Restrictions?

Creating a meal plan that accommodates multiple diet restrictions is possible with careful planning and the help of a registered dietitian, like me. Together, we begin by identifying the foods allowed on all diets, then determine the specific restrictions for each person in the family. My specialty is creating customized meal plans for families so that no one ever feels like a restaurant short-order cook making multiple meals. 

About me

Registered Dietitian. Ulcerative Colitis survivor. Entrepreneur. Helper. Community builder. Guardian mom to four boys. Wife. Sister. Daughter. Friend. Mentor. Dreamer.

I specialize in creating personalized meal plans for individuals and families requiring gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, sugar-free and allergen-free diets.

My vision for my clients is to free them from the confusion of healthy eating and to help them eat better and feel better.

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