I ate too much sugar this summer

by | Aug 14, 2019 | Healthy eating

You are just coming back from a fantastic summer holiday. You are dreading back to school or back to work routines. Your clothes are feeling snug. The guilt about letting your food intake go over the summer, is setting in.


You find yourself googling your symptoms of being tired, lethargic and feeling fat, in search of a solution to these feelings. You believe that “letting go” over the summer months made you unhealthy because you ate too much sugar summer. Do you need a detox, do you need a diet?


You want to feel healthy, energetic and fit into your pre-summer clothes.


In your google search, you will undoubtedly find thousands of detox sugar-free diets. I am sure there is a diet for every symptom that you are feeling today. I am confident that you will lose weight on any diet restriction. I am also sure that you will gain back the weight if you ignore your lifestyle.


2 options to making a change today:


1.    Pick the first fad diet that you come across on google. You will start by restricting foods that may or not be the right choice for your health. You likely will lose weight at the beginning, but feelings of guilt will creep in when you crave or have a bite of the forbidden foods in your diet. Your health may be compromised with following restrictions not tailored to you, and when you stop following the “diet,” you will gain the lost weight back. This choice will keep you on the merry go round of gaining and losing weight, binging and restricting foods, feeling good and feeling terrible about how you look in the mirror. This is the “Free” option in terms of dollars but not in terms of your health.

2.    Adopt a healthy Lifestyle – You can evaluate your lifestyle and routine. You can work with a Registered Dietitian to help you understand the foods that are right and wrong for your individual health. You will lose weight and also make a positive change in your life and relationship with food. This option is not free in dollars but will be long-lasting to your health.


Do you need one-to-one help or a group program led by a Registered Dietitian?


  1. One-to-one help is for people who have multiple health conditions that require specific dietary restrictions. You have a lot of personal questions about your diet. You want individualized support and a plan that is tailored for your life.Group programs have several advantages beyond the affordability of cost. Group programs are en excellent way to improve your health CAPITAL.


  • Community support. A community group for daily accountability, training, and support.
  • Accountability to reach your goals Group Chats – support, accountability, images, share documents
  • Plan (meal plan, recipes, shopping lists, preparation schedule)
  • Intuitive eating. Nutrition recommendations with a focus on whole food nutrition, which will build your confidence in intuitive food choices.
  • Time management Nutritionally planned menus, recipes, grocery lists and preparation guides save you time.
  • Authority on your health. By asking questions that are important to your health, you become confident in your choices for a healthy lifestyle.
  • Lifestyle change – Lose weight by positively changing your relationship with food.


The alternative to doing nothing is Isolation, Failure, Poor Eating, Empty fridge, Food Waste, and ultimately continuing to feel unhealthy.

Meal plans need to be dynamic and adaptable. Downloading a meal plan with no support can be confusing. Meal plans supported by professional education from a Registered Dietitian will allow you to learn how to make food selections and dietary choices.

You know how people come home after a long day and stare at the fridge and wonder what is there to eat?
A great meal plan to reduce your anxiety and indecision about what to eat. Meal plans help you spend less time prepping and more time eating healthy with your family and friends. This is what Nancy had to say about our group meal plans.


“I have been working with Keren for meal planning services for the past year. Keren listened to my family’s preferences and has helped with providing us with an easy to follow menu plan that we have loved. It is hard to narrow down my favourite benefit of working with Keren – I have enjoyed her recipes and especially trying new things that have become favourites, and I love how easy it is to work with her! As a working parent, I appreciate not having to wonder “what are we going to eat?!” and instead love feeling prepared with healthy options for my family. Thank you, Keren!” -Nancy S.


The next LEAP group program starts Friday, September 13th. Register Now to get started on the right track this fall.

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Curious about the LEAP group meal plans?


Download my FREE 7-day end of summer meal plan to try out this week. This is a sample of the meal plans that I prepare for my group programs.

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